March 4, 2017
By emmy._hope BRONZE, Stratham, New Hampshire
emmy._hope BRONZE, Stratham, New Hampshire
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Defy Gravity For Good.

There's a girl somewhere
Somewhere someone told her she's not beautiful
and she believed them 
now she's sitting 
tears under her eyes
feeling useless
not beautiful
she's feeling the opposite from beautiful and
every bite of food she takes is Regret
regret and sorrow

Here she is
behind that face
that face of  sorrow
in deep depression
she knew
she knew
she was beautiful then they came along
and tore her down tore her down to the ground
telling her all of her flaws were ugly

For as long as I can remember women have been an object
Something to judge
Something to take for granted
From the moment each child realizes they have to worry about there size
than just being a kid

Each girl is scared
And the fear
The fear of not fulfilling this body image that our society has created
The size that you have to be perfect
Jamming into your mind that if you are a size or bigger than your friends
you're not human

who is bigger than the other girl
is someone who has feelings
someone who wants to change the world
but they, they make her feel inferior about herself
and make her feel like she can’t achieve her dreams
All she is, is a girl
her dreams are what make who she is 

There will be a time when we can get up
get out of the dirt
get out of our hiding spots
and make a revolution

if you are beautiful you are gorgeous
and honey I believe in you
we all do
the only way to  make them realize how special you are is by getting back up
on your feet and
telling the world this is who I am
yes I am a girl
a girl
who believes in myself
and will make a change

the beauty of yourself
radiates through
it goes through your eyes
and through your hands
Everything You Touch you turns to be your Sunshine
pure gold
that is Golden
makes everyone around you light up

and sweetie you are more than just your body
you're gorgeous
that you're gorgeous and
and stunning

your number does not represent anything
I promise you
that and one day
you'll notice
that your
is needed

The author's comments:

This poem is about How it felt growing up as a gitl, a girl that expiereices life throught the lens of being larger than everyone else. 

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