above the sky

March 4, 2017
By , Wilmington, DE

In the time of travel and was under the clouds a deep sea
And above it the tree forks cotton
And seeing the blue sky with the fantasies of the future
Sunrise  and sunset like at the height of the day
The fly refers to struggle away
Like the Atlantic Ocean in front of you
The colors change gradually fade accurately
The wind is blows and coming toward graveyard
But where the body is
How without a dead body there is a funereal
What land sheds tears for you my dear
And what guilt perpetrated since childhood
And how the sky is blue and the rest of the quarter overcast ,such as your departure
But meeting you such as seen a rainbow after rain
Between the queer air ,and the smell of my national such as incense
Cold penetrates the bones, and the rain penetrates through perforated ceiling
Snow-covered mountains such as person taken knowledge

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