30,000 Feet

March 3, 2017

And here I am
all soft yawns
  and red knees


rosy from being
  and un-crossed


my eyes
drifting from the aisle
  to the window


great mountains
deep lakes
  long rivers


all tiny
  a speck in my eyes


as I
in theirs


I tower above them
in the cramped
  seat of awe


wondering if I’ll ever see them from
their own


while my heart
chases cities and valleys
  my mind capturing it all


the leather skin of my thoughts
the cream colored paper inside
adorned with fingerprint smudges alongside pencil marks


trying to see
some meaning
in the rolling hills


the lilac
painted over the stone and snow
  of the tallest peaks


the ivory mass
shrouding pieces of the land below
  broken up by soft beams of light


I want to capture it
before it
  slips away.

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