Blank Canvas

March 3, 2017

The blank canvas walks into the shop
A grand in hand and wants some ink
The shop smells like disinfectant
The sound of buzzing needles fill the ears

He is a portrait himself
The man’s arms have changed
They are filled with different parts of his life
The portrait of the colorado mountains takes over his upper arm
The mountains actually feel like they come off his skin
He is a coloradoan with a passion

His wrist contains the date his mom passed
Blood runs down his whole arm
Numbness fills his sleeve of art
Roses and names twist around his forearm

His chest takes on the power of quotes
His kids name wrote in chinese lettering
They run down his ribs like water runs down a mountain

Water runs from his eyes as the needle marks him
His shoulder designed with the names of deceased loved ones
The power of the tattoos has made him smile
The joy of the filled canvas has filled his heart

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