March 3, 2017
By Anonymous

White is all I see,

Within the white walls,

Of the rental homes

White appliances that are never clean,

Out the white door,

The ground is coverd with white,

The sky is an off shade of white,

Some might call it beauty

Not me,

White makes me want red,

Within the safety of My white walls

This time of year all I want

Is green and Not white,

To the white car that I actualy love.

Gray is even worse

Gray around the glass door

But the tan wals

Makes me want My white walls.

A sea of whiye eyes and whte faces

Makes meyearn for everything

Not surrounded by walls White or Tan

All i crave is red

And dark green

And black with little dots

Liight may be "happy"

Well Ilike the dark

It is my only comfort

Along with red

But the night within the white walls is what I frear the most.

The author's comments:

I wrote this because my english teacher is making us. I wrote this while eating strawberries. This is my first poem ever

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