The sad little duckling

March 3, 2017

Sad little duckling walking down the street
Found a piece of meat,
And grabbed it up to eat.
The sad little duckling continued walking
And was stopped ahead by two men talking.
The duckling said how do you do
And the men only replied with a, “Shew! Shew! Shew!”
The duckling, now sadder, continued ahead
Only to be stopped by a bump on his head.
He looked up and saw a teen
Who by the look of him, was really mean.
The teen looked down and said with ease,
“Look at this duckling! So easy to tease!”
With that comment the duckling sat down and started to weep
And eventually cried himself to sleep.
Tis a sad little duckling
Who continues weeping
For some time to come
And now i'm afraid, this poem is done.

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