March 3, 2017
By JeremiahP BRONZE, Houston, Texas
JeremiahP BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Variation litters the ground around my feet

I cower, cower in defeat

Trials and tribulation could not save me

No longer can I sway to the beat of my own drum

Once upon a time, owned by no one

Now my will is cascaded in chains

Not the only one inside my brain

Forced to confide in alien ways

These biased, unwelcome teachings are not here to stay

Once no longer under your supervision

Like a butterfly in a cacoon

Without thought and no revision

I promise

I promise I will bloom

Without doubt

Without restraint

And especially,

Without you.

The author's comments:

I was driven to create this piece by pain and restricition I've felt in my past. But I thank the harsh occurences that happened along the way, as they made me who I currently am. Through tribulations, moral dilemas, and self-realization, I am me.

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