A Grain of Sand

March 3, 2017
By , Pittsburgh, PA

A life is a grain of sand

Squishy when absorbed by fishes air

A sponge absorbing all it can bare

Castles that slowly molds stand


Waves clash with rapid thrusts

Debris is flunk back and forth 

As earth's souls fill with warth

Flow back into the depths of untrust 

Souls are delicate, they are shapeshifting

Life around a soul can be misleading 

Like help that holds castles support

Or destruction that breaks souls in remorse


Humans are very social beings

We gain knowledge with our words and feelings

Even so when society is good

Like water that keeps castles stood

Individuals can be deceiving 

Like hurtful waves unceasing


A life is a grain of sand

Absorbing the knowledge and experience you gain

But always beware the waves reign


And form the castle that holds societies hand

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