Late Night Walks

March 3, 2017

Late night walks along the boardwalk,

In the distance you can faintly make out the dock;

A soothing cool breeze blew against my face,

In the sky there's nothing but space.


The stars shown over us oh so bright,

At this moment I was without a fright;

The large white waves crash against the sand,

As we keep walking, I began to hear a band.


My mom, dad, and brother all by my side,

Can't forget Pap who's lagging behind;

Moon light reflecting off the ocean blue,

The water was glistening like diamonds that were brand new.


People around eating all kids of food,

Nothing could put me in a better mood;

Shops all around with clothes and more,

Families playing catch down on the shore.


People on bikes riding rigth past,

It's sad to think this vacation went by so fast;

Walking bad sipping on my pink lemonade,

I'll never forget the memories we made.

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