Shackled Freedom

March 3, 2017

Can't you just taste it?
The sweet taste of individuality
The mouth watering taste of being free
How does the freedoms taste?
Does it taste bitter but satisfying?
Plain but all the best
Or is it indescribable?
Is it missing something?
What about the satisfying taste of justice?
The yearning taste of uniqueness?
What about the zesty taste of unity?
Cause as you can see
Free isn't really free
Free is the act of being you but to a certain extent
The law of individuality has been unbearably bent
But have you noticed?
You notice the free obamacare and the education
But what about the racism and segregation
There are no signs posted but its. Visibly sighted
Haven't you seen the white men and women separate from us when a black person was invited
Haven't you seen the way the system us set up?
That the limited things handed to us  by the government should be enough?
To them were just pawns in a game
They get to string us a long and since we're just pawns, we have to settle

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