Every Moment Has Life

March 2, 2017
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I’m so bored, I can’t wait until the day ends.
The sun went down.
I can’t wait until the weekend, that’ll be fun.
Its Saturday.
I can’t wait until spring break, I really need one.
You were waiting for too long, it's already over.
I can’t wait until next month, time seems to move so slowly.
3 months have passed.
I can’t wait until school ends, I just don’t feel like caring right now.
You’re 6 weeks into summer break.
I can’t wait until the Holiday season, everything’s so sad right now.
You can still taste the cookies and milk on your lips from 6 months ago, can’t you?
I can’t wait until the new year, maybe things will be better next year.
The date changed by a number, then another. What’s that it’s 2020?
I can’t wait until I finish school, I hate this.
Do you even remember the faces of everyone you knew?
I can’t wait until I grow up, I’m so sad.
10 years pass. 20. 60.
The clock of time ticks away. It doesn't wait for you.
I can’t wait…
I can’t…
There’s nothing left to wait for.

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