The Man

March 2, 2017

Some days

I feel so empty inside
I want to hide

Looking at the angry world with eyes wide
I stare them down

Watching the world blaze
Fire wide open

Filling the maze
I'm not religious

Yet right now hands raised
I feel the need to praise

Watching the politics turn
What can I do

Just see it burn
Empty tears mixed with dreams

Hell or the highway
My surroundings pushed to extreme

You tore me at the seams
Dared me to scream

Snapping my fingers at brain dead teens
Wouldn't look up

Even being bombed to smithereens
By all means
Look on past

I see where we're headed

I panic and squirm

I stand up

I'm lifted I push the limits I listen I live through every lyric I hear

The bass pushing me forward the rhythm tapping my thumb
I'm dumb I'm scum

They throw me in this slum

Saying I better be picking up the pieces
I don't want an income of one million and one

I just want to push to achieve greatness
I say I'm being pushed down

I'm pulling myself back up
I'm done

Crammed into a hideout far away from the sun
Too late

It's only starting
Pick up a pencil cause I'm not done

I'm anxious and angry
Hate filled and frankly

Every time I say I'm done
I'm pulled back in

The revolution for all the people who already fought and thought they won
But it was spun

There back at it and there is work to be done
I stun

Not going to lie I'm a workaholic
Beating the clock my medicine

But at this time we need less drugs and speed
For time is not against us

More hands on mending
For those who pause and get shot

For some who don't think thoroughly
You shoot s*** outta your head

not taking it in heavily
I plead guiltyYet

I'm here to bandage, seam together and fight

For those who think the war goes on forever your right

Doesn't mean it's not worth it
We unearth it

Together we rebirth the earth
Stuck in tangent scheme

White black and inbetween

Different and united hear us scream

You have a voice use it
Use your mind before you lose it

I lied time is against us
But the situation is of the essence

Sometime you shouldn't focus on the specifics
just focus on the rhythm

Im one to talk

Use your voice not you hands

Use your mind

For it is much stronger than the man

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