It Was All Started by a Mouse

March 2, 2017
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Looking out upon the land,
out for several miles,
all I can see are happy people—
no face without a smile.

This is the go-to place for fun,
with rides and treats galore.
Part of me wanted to see such joy,
but another part wanted more.

All throughout the planning stage,
I honestly had no scheme.
Hot diggety dog, we had a time
pursuing “one man’s dream”!

But on that stormy day,

he died,

and the whole world fell to mourn.
Though I would certainly miss him too,
a new idea was born.

Over the years, I’d become fed up
with living in Walter’s shadow.
So, I decided that with that new park
I could rule
all Orlando.

In ’71 the trap was set!
I decided, for some mirth—
to fool our brainless guests, I’d call it
“the happiest place on Earth.”

Our huge success was, well, an answer
to my “wish upon a star.”
I’m on mugs, pens, and even hats—
not to mention ice cream bars.

But lo! The monopoly I’ve made
and cash from family trips
assures me that soon, I can
begin dictatorship.

I’ll use the cash and endless power
to rule from my Florida base.
I’ll buy America, then the world,
and enslave the human race.

The day draws near when fate shall strike
and my apocalypse shall arouse.
When that day comes, remember

that it was all started by a mouse.

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