Happy Place

March 2, 2017

Breathing in,
I smell crisp air, freshly cut fields, farm life.
Breathing out,
I release all tension that builds inside my mind.
I allow myself to think clearly.
My mind feels refreshed now.
I close my eyes,
Allow my other senses to take over.
I feel truly content.

Her pace is brisk but methodical.
I can feel the power held in each step.
I can hear her hooves hit the ground with soft thuds,
Matching the rhythm of her gait.
I let my body sway side to side.
I lean down.
Breathe in.

I can smell the always comforting aroma that horses hold.
It drifts in my nose.
A small smile forms on my lips:
A mona lisa smile.
At that moment,
I feel there is no better place to be.
There is no place I’d rather be.
I’m happy.

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