The Loss Of Friendship

March 2, 2017
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“He is like my brother”
“I love her like a sister”
Family is not just defined by the blood that runs through our veins
Family is defined by the people we choose to have in our personal life
People that we decide to give our life to
A love that is simple, powerful, and forever present,
A love that is not fake or critiqued
But maybe brothers and sisters are not always meant to last forever and family bond only is meant to be broken, shattered into tiny pieces of mirror, cutting anyone who passes and sees their reflection
I trusted my brother but he betrayed me
I helped guide my sister down the path but she arrived at another destination, just like a leaf that is carried away by wretch wind
They both took a path full of darkness and noticeable threats
A path that creeps into your dreams and brings dreadful memories
Now I feel like I don’t know you anymore,
That feeling of love is not the same anymore
But it’s true when they say that things end but memories last forever

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