I was in Pain

March 2, 2017
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I carry to much pain inside
And I suffered and I didn’t find the treatment to cure
The pain I have inside...
The thought of you holds me in chains,
And your deception betrays it
Because you treated me like trash
When I was sincere with you.
Because of you but only because of you...
I cannot trust
You lied to me to my face.
Telling me that I was this and that...
You made me feel special…
And I cried myself to sleep
It really did hurt me and I should have known… you played with my feelings.
You don’t care you never did
And because of you I can not
Accommodate my feelings.
I was wrong about you…
For many days I was in Melancholy
You could have been Candidness
But you weren’t & that’s what messed me up
Because you were so Benign to me
I thought you were being 100 with me
But you weren’t
I found out from others & your actions
When you could have just been straight up with me

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