March 2, 2017
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Why are you here?

This place is much too small
For someone with a pocket as deep as yours.

Why did you come?
You have been showing disrespect
Since you walked in the door
With the cameras and reporters
Following close behind.
You say you are here to help
Yet you worry about breaking a nail
Or getting a drop of food on your outfit.

What did you expect?
I handed you a rag
And you took it with confusion.
You came in a lavish dress
As if this were a dinner party.

Who did you come to see?
Although you stand here speaking to me,
Only knowing my name from my nametag,
You are thinking of yourself.

Where did you come from?
You are not native to this part of town;
I can tell by your elegant shoes.
Our people are dressed in rags;
You are dressed in riches.

When will you leave?
You are not welcome here
You are just another spectator.

Please Leave.

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