The Gentle Guardian

March 2, 2017

Whenever I fell and started crying,
Chubbs would run over to me and give me kisses.

He guarded me and my siblings from the scary Max,
who lived nearby, and scan the area around us for invaders.

Whenever I had a birthday party,
Chubbs would trot right over to our house
and be the star of the show
as if it was his birthday.
He never bit, but gave everyone kisses.

But, when I was six, he passed away.

But as I grew older, Chubbs did also,
and when I was six, he passed away.

I remember rubbing his belly and grooming his fur
with our hands. I remember how he kept us company
while we built snowmen, built our second garage,
remodeled our playground, and played tennis
on the court next door.

I hope to be able to see him again, at the end of my life,
so we can enjoy eternal peace together.

I miss you, Chubbs.

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