March 2, 2017
By Birklei GOLD, Raytown, Missouri
Birklei GOLD, Raytown, Missouri
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Today I am regretful

Of my oblivious demur

Of the unspoken 

I love you and goodbye 

On the day my mother died

Today I am lugubrious

I feel dejected and downcast

And when I reminisce the past

I feel disheartened 

For yesterday came fast

And never could it last

Today I am despondent

For tomorrow never came

And never is it coming

For today is never-changing


Always constant

Constantly humming a tune of 

Inconsolable disconsolateness

Of loneliness and despair

Today I am sad and sullen

I am engrossed in somber contemplation

Of her dismal demise

Of which I ponder

I guess...

She really died.

The author's comments:

This sums up my darkest moments of grief when I think of my mothers death. Sometimes i still can't believe she's gone. It's been almost 2 years and all those yesterdays; I'll never get them back.

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