The Foolish King

March 1, 2017
By Alex_Storm SILVER, Logan, Utah
Alex_Storm SILVER, Logan, Utah
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There once was a land far far a away,

With in it there was a castle and all the people obey,
The foolish King who always had something on his mind
For the foolish King was in a bit of a bind,
The foolish King used to be mighty
With a queen on next to his throne that looked better than aphrodite,
But with his queen dead
He was left with a feeling of dread
Who was going to fill the empty place next to him
Without her everything seemed more dim.

So he headed out to find a wife
One that would fit perfectly in with his life,
He searched and he searched day and night
But no one looked just right,
Some were too tall, too short, too fat
One even looked just like a bat
He searched and he searched but he just couldn’t see
It what’s in the inside not the outside, marriage isn’t a shopping spree,

There once was a mighty King, who almost went down in the books
Only if he could have realized that it wasn’t just about looks,
Who kept searching for a woman who looked better than the last
But unfortunately years came to past,
He never stopped looking you see
Not until he was buried next to first his wife under the tree.

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