I used to have a garden

March 1, 2017

I used to have a garden,

It was my dearest friend.

I promised to tend to it,

Until the very end.


The outcome of the harvest;

Depended on my mood.

And, to be honest,

The results were quite mixed.


The fruit it bore weren't perfect,

But it couldn't be beat.

I honestly doubt you tried a strawberry

That was as sweet.


Yet as the years passed,

It grew less colorful;

The outcome of the harvest

depended on my mood.


One day, I went out into the world


Not quite yet an old soul,

but kinda mean.


I didn't come home for holidays,

I didn't come home at all.

My mother sent pictures everyday,

To show me what my best friend looked like in the fall.


I never opened the packets,

Just piled them in a heap,

or stuffed them in my pockets.


I eventually mustered up the courage

To open up that package

And take a look at my foliage;

I had to open that package.


Every single plant was in the same condition;

Dead, but still there.

And after that observation,

I decided to go back there.


I now have a garden,

It is my dearest friend.

I promise to tend to it,

until the very end.

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