Caffeine Addict

March 1, 2017
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Ask me who I am
I call myself a caffeine addict
I start my day with coffee
Preferably black
With no added sweeteners
Just the way it is brewed
I am at work with coffee
Replacing my meal at times
Always leaving me satisfied
As if I were a child with dreams
That have never been crushed
I come home to find myself
Reaching for coffee again
To calm myself
To wake myself out of reality
Not dreams
And to empty myself
Of useless anxieties
And burden of responsibilities
All self-inflicted
I love everything about coffee
I fell in love with its
And the way it makes me feel
No matter what I do
It never leaves my head
To me
You are like caffeine
Never mind what I said
Coffee may be caffeine-free
But I can’t be without you

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