March 1, 2017
By Anonymous

Why did you cheat?
Why did you disrespect one another every night?
Why did you sleep with different people other than your spouse?
Why did you cause our family to split?
Why must you be content with yourself while your daughter is sitting her in her room thinking it Was her fault.
Sure, you felt bad for a year or two but you got over it.
You found someone to comfort you.
As you were having fun with your new spouse, your daughter was sitting at home blaming Herself for YOUR actions.
She thinks she caused her family to disperse.
She was told it was not her fault.
She was told it was not her doing.
That it did not mean her father and mother did not love her any less.
That it was not caused by her actions,
By her hanging out with the girl whose stepmother SLEPT with her father.
The little girl had found out it was her doing at the age of 10.
She knew it was her doing that she had caused her family to separate.
She knew that once she had met the other little girl, that everything would change.
Her stepmother was a homewrecker but a nice person.
Her stepmother became my stepmother in a matter of seconds.
She became the one who use to hit my dad when he didn’t do anything right.
She became the one that would buy us anything so we would love her.
That’s all she wanted but couldn’t get because of what she did.
She had ruined multiple families,
Ruined the life of the little girl and also her little friend.
Her own son didn’t even respect her because of what she did.
Her son became a criminal because his mother just couldn’t control herself and stay with one Man.
He didn’t have a familiar father figure in hicXcsvs life for more than a year or two.
Without that father figure in his life he became someone who he should not have been.
He was smart and brave but he made bad decisions that affected his life.
He made these choices because he wanted the attention and care from his mother that he hasn’t Gotten since he was a fetus.
He just wanted someone to love and care for him like his mother.
The father just wanted to be happy with his life and not hurt anyone,
And the little girl just wanted to stop blaming herself for her family not being a family anymore.

The author's comments:

This piece is very very personal and important to me. I wrote this poem for a class project but I think it was more then just a class project for me. I feel as if I needed to let out those emotions because they have been bottled up for so long.

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