What Happened?

March 1, 2017

What happened?
  Once a boy showered with gold
With step by step he held my hand
For me he once took a stand
Good times were fading away
Father was my best friend
A bond we had was thought to be un broken

Lies those laughters while watching a comedy movie on a friday night
Fake those toy cars we bought, those paper kites we made

Sometimes I sit and ask
What happened?
My hero had fallen
My trust was broken
My faith was lost
You tried to chain me down
I broke right through
You said  in a high pitch voice “ you haven't earned the right to be my son”
A voice in me said you lost a son

If only you would see
See the loneliness on my dark serious straight face
The sadness in my strict concentrated eyes

Given up on this pitiful relationship
Lost all hopes of getting my best friend

Tire of asking why did you lose faith in me?
Where did we go wrong?

But no matter what happens
You’ll  always be my dad
My best friend
So thank you for those times
You took me to McDonald's
Eating ice cream in the front porch watching the sun go down
when did it become so hard to say "son I love you"?

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