Friday Night Lights

March 1, 2017
By , sacramento, CA

I stand there. I pray nothing happens to me on this beautiful friday night. I'm on the goal line. I close my eyes right as the whistle is blown. I'm thinking as the play beginning to start, this is the start of a new chapter. The moment i have been waiting for. The door is opened filled with opportunities. I know i can kill this game with speed.                      I breathe in, i can visualize myself with the ball. HOUSE CALL, if not get to the 40 yard line to put offense in a good position. I breathe out, open my eyes. This is who i am. I am built for this game. Put on a show, make moves, make people miss, trust myself, trust my team, trust my brothers. 60 minutes all out war. There’s no turning back now.                    I hear the thump of the ball being kicked, i run to get in position. 3…..2…...1…. . Do my job, play hard, give 100+ effort.                        Week 1 | Season 16-17 | 10 guaranteed games any more after is earned not given.  

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