Who I Am

March 1, 2017

  There I was born into this world not knowing who or what I am.
     I don’t have memories, I see but don’t remember and I know don’t what is what.
     As a kid I was cool to hang out with and that’s what attracted people to be friends with me because i’m funny, friendly, confident, humorous, awesome, etc…
     This is a killing 2 birds with 1 stone thing, As my uncle came home with this new technology, a black beauty, a ps3.
     This ps3 i didn’t know what this thing is or how it worked but it made me who i am today a GAMER!
     Playing games was fascinating, it takes you into a world of freedom and imagination something you want to last forever.
     Games also got me into these fast, nice, expensive, and dreamy, CARS!
     Cars are something everybody wants to have with its curve, the nice shininess when you buy it, the roar of its engine, and the ferocious looks of a nice car.
     Christmas opening a present something inside, what could it be?
     Opened a new shoe? My uncle had got me shoes, the Altitude 13’s it was nice, clean, black and shiny at the same time, green outlines, and the Jumpman logo but I was a kid so I didn’t care for my shoes.
     Now highschool a different place people looking fresh and now i think about the shoes my uncle bought I regret not keeping them clean.
     A shoe lover now I am, very expensive to the bones but super clean on your toes and now many shoe I own.

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