Never Give Up

March 1, 2017

           Today I am going mountain climbing. I look towards the wall where i am going to climb up. I felt nervous just by looking at it. I walk towards the wall and tied myself up. I get ready to climb up. The struggles to get up it was very intense. I said to myself I am able to climb up 10 ft I won’t stop now until I reach my goal. If i fall now it would be a waste of 40$. I payed good money for this i ain’t going to give up that easy. I climb up 10 ft more. Just 20 ft more to go. If i don’t finish today I will finish it the next time i get here. Just because my older brother didn’t finish it I will do my best to surpass him. I tried so hard to get climb up, but as I looked down I lost my mind and let go of everything. As i fell down 28 ft the ropes was also going at a slow speed. As I reach the bottom. I was very furious at myself. Because I am weak and still at a young age. 4 years later I came back to this place. I was very buff. I also had a 6 pack. Before climbing the wall I did a warm up first because I don’t want to get cramps. I walked towards the wall and tied myself up. Then i looked up and said “I am ready”. As I walk towards the wall i started climbing. 30 minutes passed by and I’m already at 35 ft. My older brother said don’t give up finish it for the both of us. Those words inspired me to get up more. I felt very tired. I didn’t want to climb anymore because I felt like I was going to faint, but as I look up I saw a hand. I reach up for the hand and I get pulled all the way up there. It was my older brother. As I “winked” my eyes and look around. I saw teachers, a huge library. I walked towards the door and walked out. I walk 6ft forward then I  look up. It says Uc Davis.

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