Lost Soul

March 1, 2017
By gabsterq BRONZE, Sacramento, California
gabsterq BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Back then when I was a happy child, full of hope,
I believed that I could become anyone
I wanted,
I wanted to become a veterinarian because i have mad love for all types of animals
And I wanted to save them and care for them
What I didn’t realize was that I could also be the one to end them,
Either because I have to or made a mistake,
I started developing a more realistic mindset when my family fell apart,
I mean we weren’t perfect
Then again, who’s perfect ? what’s perfect ?
But never did I expect that to happen to us
That’s when I started to think about the worst possible situation
That’s when I started losing myself
To this day I still don’t know who I am,
But i do know is that i have to be somebody,
I want to make my parents proud (but mostly my dad)
I want to give back to everyone and everything that gave to me,
From a life lesson to inspirations, anything i've taken and learned from
That made me the person I am today 
I want to be able to say “ thank you “
Without using words ...

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