Ball Is Life

March 1, 2017

I see the court
I see my opponent
I hear the crowd yelling my name
I focus more on the game than the crowd
I see my coach worried
I see the scoreboard
We are down by two
I closed my eyes
Cleared my mind
Arena became pitch black
Envisioning myself as a kid
The past
I see my father
Holding me as I shoot the ball
Mama smiling on my first game
Basketball is the way of life
Is a relationship
I love the game
I love the ups and downs
I love the struggles
I love to compete
Ball is life
I’m doing this for my future
I realize this is it
This is my legacy
I open my eyes
I hear the ref blow the whistle
I run towards the ball
I catch by the three pointer
Nobody has a better three
The moment that i let it go
The moment that i let it be
My life flashes before me
One shot
One opportunity
The ball goes in
I saw my name in shining lights
I am the MVP
I am the Champ

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