Who ruined ya

March 1, 2017
By Anonymous

When you are the best in the world and you are very powerful
You start to feel like no one can touch you in your element
Not knowing this way of thinking is what will get you killed
but you don’t start to regret that way of thinking until
you’re on the ground half dead trying to crawl to safety
wondering who in the world would set you up
you pass out only to wake up in the hospital
imagine being discharged to the hospital
just to be convicted and admitted to death row
for 4 and a half years while you’re in jail no
one comes to visit you and it opens your eyes and
you start to realize who set you up those which you
were once friends with betrayed you because of greed and
lust to be as powerful as young while you’re
in jail all you can do is think about your revenge
and how you are going to get back at them
finally you’re out of jail and can get your revenge
you call your homies and Hit em up telling them
that you are going to destroy the friend which
once use to sleep on your sofa it takes a while
but you finally get your revenge and are self satisfied

The author's comments:

Tupac inspired me to write this piece

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