March 1, 2017
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Do you know what I am?
Do you know what I see?
Don't judge me because you're not me
You don't know the pain
You don’t know the sorrow
You don't understand me
People judge but don't know what they are judging
Would you judge me?
Because I like things you don't?
Does that make me weird?
I'm very friendly
But you wouldn't take the time
I see you around everywhere
Do you ever see me?
I don’t think you do
You block people out like they are a peice of garbage on the side of the road
I take the time to notice you
Why can’t you take the time to notice me?
Why do u treat me different?
I’m not cool enough?
Popular enough?
Well i’m glad  i’m not like u are
You think you have friends but you really don’t
You treat me like this
I can treat you worse
You made a big mistake
But, I wouldn’t waste my time
Not with someone like you

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