O Dount My Donut; Anti Donut

March 1, 2017
By danmonty1 BRONZE, West Jordan, Utah
danmonty1 BRONZE, West Jordan, Utah
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Glaze, chocolate, sugar and dough
I see the sign and I cannot hold back, I must, I must
Into the building I walk, into happiness I go
Smelling fresh, smelling good. Out of my mind it pushes me

Diabetes, heart disease, obesity, fat,
Donuts, looking at the sun through a magnifying glass.

Sugar, sugar, my organs do scream!

Happiness, is gone, smile dead,
Donuts, my angry hatred, fed.

Creamy, fluffy, sweet, and Delectable
Under piles and piles of donuts, one stands out
Back in the corner, it calls to me.
Pulling out the special donut, the only one I take
Bite, Bite, Bite, Bite…. GONE!!!

Deadly, sickening, sugary, stale,
Hopeful dreams, of hope, have failed...
But wait, a pause, then joy, rejoicing!
Carrots, asparagus, cucumbers voicing:
Their song, their joy, their healthful lives,
Dispelling donuts, its promises, lies.

O Donut, my Donut, why have you left me so unfilled
You sat on the rack and called out to me my friend
In the Dunford, I hear people exulting
Pain Pain Pain
I sweep the crumbs away from me
Eaten, and no more

O veggies, my veggies. Thy nutrients i have taken.
My muscles growing large and big, donut, oh how mistaken.
In whole foods, i hear, the people bragging,
Healthy! Healthy! Healthy!
I finish my veggie tray, healthy now, and so ill stay.

O Donut, my Donut I request you be delicious
For you 80 cents is paid, a childhood fulfilled
For you we drive, a long hard way, for you to disappear
Here Donut, my true love
My fingers hold your chocolate
And in my dreams you still are here
But Eaten and no more

Oh Donut, why Donut, cry thine sprinkle tears!
For 80 cents a day is ruined, a diet dead for years.
Veggies, my soul do take, up to heaven, ascending,
Forever I'll eat you, life never ending.

My Donut isn’t here, the box cold and empty
My true love calls no more, he’s acid in my stomach
But the racks are full with so much more
With another 80 cents, my love will live again
Oh happy, I am, and forever I’ll be
But gray memory keeps my mind
O Donut my Donut, Eaten and no more.

Alas! I awake, to veggies cold and slimy,
My true love calls once more, veggies, now unsightly,
Why donut i rejected, now i see the lies,
Sold to me by vegetables, and veggie TV guys.
Oh sad, I am, and forever i will be, but slight memory keeps my mind,
Of you Donut, oh Donut, a memory but no more.

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