I Found You In The Garden

March 7, 2017

Searching from a sign of love,

looking through the garden,

the fragant flowers with humility;

I have found empathy in the coral flower 

revealing secrets from the innocence of the soul.


Searching from a sign of love, 

where the little Lily shows the devotions of peace 

with majesty,looking for a place in the bay coral bouquet,

the strength of beauty is higher than clouds

in the air, flowers enjoy tranquility from earth.


Searching from a sign of love, 

just as Fairytale pink, healing the broken hearts

in the spring, lilies kissing the air with calm.

I can see the pure humbleness in the baby pink petals;

shining from low distance, believing in their value.

Love is hard to resist, but here is where I belong

in the burning passion to find your honest heart,

and I fell in love with your true and transparent soul. 

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