March 7, 2017
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Remember the people you love
The warmth of a mother after giving birth
Remember the dreams you want
You keep climbing and climbing, wall after wall and finally achieve the goal you've always wanted.
Having your dream job
Remember the sacrifices you made
Your parents going to a strange country because they want you to have a better life
Not wanting you to grow up in poverty, wanting you to have better opportunities
Remember who you are
In your mind, in your soul, in your body
Remember to be yourself
Don't desperately be someone you don't want to be
Remember the people who were in your life
Your loved ones, your parents...
Remember the people who don't have what you have
Food, shelter, education

Remember your life
Look at the people you have inspired. The smiles on their faces as you helped them succeed
The support you gave them
Remember what you achieved
Learning English in one year, overcoming fear of being yourself
Remember the dying souls
The souls of the Holocaust as they are tortured
World War II that happened all because of selfish greed
Always remember...the other souls that have been lost
Always remember...

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