Cry Now

March 7, 2017

Wasted away I’ve been before,
in my old life upon the shore.
Perched on the edge of existence.
There I would never show any resistance.
Now the corners of my mouth can lift,
instead of sitting on the ocean side alone, adrift.
Here I scale the mountains high.
When I used to wish and wonder why,
while I told myself,
don’t cry.
Lost, alone I was in the dark shadows of the sea,
that never cared for me.
There I sat on the shore,
but now,
I know of more.
Never did I cross the coastline’s border.
For I knew I’d drown and to my horror,
all would see.
Now a new life is here for me,
those who see it may wonder how,
but the worst is over now.
I’ve prevailed.
It’s over now.
I can cry of joy now.

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