The Lady of Sky

March 7, 2017
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In her dreams she flies
Never quite like in reality
Such as this

She looked up as her heart sang
Though her feet did so tingle and twinge in complaint
To the icy cold air that did so encase them
A wintery cool February day’s touch

The air around her spoke
In tongue of hers
Without permission
Without complaint
Every puff of opaque smoke
Made her lips curl in joyous gratitude
For its unconstitute kindness

She looked up
As her heart sang
This is what it feels
To be happy?

To feel love
Conjoined by sight
By touch
The continuous connection that connected
Her spirit to her body
To this earth

It compliantly tethered her body
A mere vessel
To this heap of miraculous earth
She so affectionately called
Her witness

What did it show witness to? You may quiry

Her birth
Her grunt steadfast creation
Her happiness
Her light

As this world did so bestow
Upon her

If by choice
Or fate
A universal hereditary monarch

Her crown
Her reign

Touched all four corners of this earth


A quaint castle perched upon a misjudged hill


It was she did
One day discover

The beauty she bore witness to
Was honest tranquility

A peace
A forgiveness for the hiccups and trips
Her heap of earth made by way

Until the day she did

In her dreams she flies
But in her life she soars

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