March 7, 2017
By drodriguez547 BRONZE, Norwalk, California
drodriguez547 BRONZE, Norwalk, California
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Christmas morning 2004 was when it all began
Little me rushing to see what gifts I had gotten.
Underneath the tree, a small dirt bike.
Red, and a Honda like my dad’s
I had seen him ride since I was born,
And he was ready to teach me his craft.

My first attempt to ride was a fiasco,
I couldn’t keep my balance or stay off the ground.
But my dad was there every time to pick me up.
His guidance gave me confidence in myself
Making me a better person, on and off the bike.
Navigating through all the chaos,
He’s the voice I hear in my head.

Fast forward thirteen years, and I’m now a racer
Dad can’t keep up, so his new role is to help with technique.
He’s given me my skills and intensity,
The blood in my eyes when I’m behind another rider
From gate drop to checkered flag.

But each journey to the track to practice or race,
Wasn’t just to teach me how to ride.
I’m a reflection of his best traits,
And I couldn’t be prouder.
He taught me what it means to be a man,
And cautioned me on what to stay away from.
That its ok for me to be emotional,
But to always see the light at the end of the tunnel
He taught me how to have fun but to stay safe as well
It’s how I learned to balance work and play.

However times are not always the best
Seeing my dad struggle in health
Has exercised all he’s taught me.
How to be mentally strong, how to keep on going.
Knowing I can get through any challenge.

Riding is now my outlet to get away
To let my mind be free and just look ahead
To shift gears and fly through the air
When I’m on my bike I don’t think or worry.
But when my bike’s on the stand and I’m off the track,
I can rest easy knowing that I believe in myself
Trusting my instincts from all my experiences with dad.
Now I’m the one that picks me up off the ground.

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