March 7, 2017

I once believed.                                       One lie.
Believed in love.                                 Can change a life.
Believed in hope.                         It can end a life.
Believed in happily ever after.                  It save a life.
Believed in magic.                             Or it can ruin a life.

I once believed.                                           One lie.
Believed that I would be loved.                         One dream.
Believed that I would have friends.                One love.
Believed that people cared.                               One belief.
Believed that I’d be happy.                              Never really existed.

I dreamed once.                                             Because I never did.
Dreamed that I could be anything I wanted.
Dreamed that I could be happy.
Dreamed that everyone loved me.
Dreamed that there was hope.

I dreamed once.
Dreamed that I wouldn’t feel this way.
Dreamed that I wouldn’t ruin everything.
Dreamed that I was perfect.
Dreamed that I would fit in.

But dreams get crushed,
And believers no longer believe.
Not because we choose to,
But because we lost hope.
We trusted.
They lied.
We put everything out there.
They took it all away.

They said they would stay.
They said they loved us.
They said they were happy.

But it was all one BIG lie.
We lost trust.
We lost hope.
We lost love.
We lost dreams.
We lost beliefs.

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