Lost and Found

March 7, 2017
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You wouldn’t be lost if you were with me.
The world is cruel to people like us. Danger lurks
but our corner of the universe is safe.

You would be on my back. Tied on tightly with woven
fabric made from my love. I would check on you every
hour because you wouldn’t be lost if you’re with me.

The sun would beat us down but the river would
heal our souls. The night has grown evil.
Our universe corner is drowned in the dark.

You grew too fast, too pretty.
Soon they will take you away. Far away.
Stay with me so you won’t get lost.

They are coming. I know they are.
I pull you closer, hide you in my shadow.
Our corner is no longer safe.

They tear you from my arms.
You scream for me as I am struck down.
You were with me but you got lost.
Our little corner has been discovered

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