That Smirk

March 7, 2017
By smolPolyp BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
smolPolyp BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
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His smirk.
That indomitable smirk.
It rarely left his face, surrounded by coarse hairs of muddy brown and burnt auburn complimented by patches of freckles.
It was almost as if it had been chiseled from granite, flawless.
That indomitable smirk.
It could hide his pain and the cracks of suffering beneath.
Paired with his strong willed humor, you couldn't tell if he was broken.
That indomitable smirk.
It screamed freedom, a wild one never to be tied down.
Maybe that's what drew her in, maybe it was…
That indomitable smirk.

His smirk.
That indomitable smirk.
It rarely appeared on his face anymore, since he had lost her.
He had shaved the coarse hairs of muddy brown and burnt auburn, and the patches of freckles now looked random and messy.
Maybe she was trying to ignore it,
That indomitable smirk
It reminded her of every wrong he had committed,
Every sin she thought he deserved,
Every “I love you” wasted because he chose someone else.
But it would appear on that rare occasion,
That indomitable smirk.
And she would come back running,
Telling him that she’d give him a second chance,
That she just wanted to be friends.

But even though it made her stomach churn in hatred and distaste,
And even though they had both moved on,
She really had just missed the way he looked at her,
With that indomitable smirk.

The author's comments:

This piece was written in three parts. The first stanza was written while I was dating my now ex-boyfriend, the second stanza was written when he broke up with me for my then best friend, and the third stanza is in present time. The line that repeats is supposed to mimic how often I thought of my ex during the three parts of our relationship.


Indomitable; unconquerable, impossible to subdue or defeat.

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