Ode to Dorian

March 6, 2017

Like a daisy

That slowly wilts and

Can no longer be pressed to keep

Your heart breaks more and 


Where is the rhythm in the beat?

To the tears that forgot how to dry

And when you wake up just to cry

Dont forget that I Will Try


Fix You.

Like a stream

That crescendos to a flood and

can no longer hold you down

Your tears pour more and


Where is your coat?

To the kids who learn what heart break is 

And the moms and dads that kiss their kids


Don't forget that I Will Try


Fix You.


Flowers will no longer

Smell of sympathy

And regret.


Rain can no longer

Break the innocent mold

Or brutality

Of reality.


Floods will no more

Shake the ground

Of Redemption

In attempt to

Forget in hindsight 

That it's raining and

You don't need your umbrella


That it's windy

And you took off your coat.


Because He

Is warm.

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