Humanity Found Under a Shell

March 6, 2017
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The best real world description of human nature i ever experienced

was in a building a abandon building an abandoned hotel to be exact

  I explored this hotel at 16 with my brother and with friends

I was surprised

so many things in their embodied us as humans

In the broken glass I saw the anger of us

we enjoyed throwing broken porcelain sinks off of balcones just to hear them bend

on the way down the shrieking fear of that rattling lashing basin growing crashing

then fading away,

in that four story drop we all felt a kamikaze of emotions

the chief of which was joy

I saw our humanity in that velvet door 

I saw parts of us in the each room left alone

with a single mirror toppled  on the floor

or in the one other filled to the brim with beds

like the warm soft memories padding of the mushy spaces in our heads 

in the garage totally flooded I saw our brains

I saw the flooded parts of us that were constantly sloshing back and forth our pasts

I saw in the sunken cars still mostly sunken in that basin of our memories

sitting in their own filth their own segregated emotions moving.

and even though  their time of driving was over

we knew that all it would take was one good rainfall

and  we wouldn’t be able to stop them from following back couldn’t stop them from driving us crazy.

I also saw humanity in what wasn’t there

I saw greed in the copper wires ripped from the walls

like uprooted trees ripped from the ground in a mangled mess

running off to be so much less 

I saw life

I saw art not just in that graffiti laid out but

in the open design cobbled together through broken glass

the evading nature the newest constant tennant vowing to stay till the whole thing fell.

what I saw around that graffiti filled olympic pool capped the whole thing off

a single piece of graffiti of  something strange highlighting

the oddity that is too found in those silly parts of us

I saw it  in a little nook a open style room

made when that door fell and the door knob shook

to the left of the pool I saw it around some of that broken glass

beyond the leaking antifreeze embracing its newest cold lover it found in the ground

and beyond those  tiny boxes left behind from abandoned construction equipment left outside

that broken door

like some sick amazon shipment

i saw it above the discarded dusty glass of what looked like a cheap wine

our only sign of life besides the green

it sat above the cobbled chair rusty and creaky

I saw it there on one of the only walls you could still call white

I saw it there sprayed out layed out like the crown jewel of an art collection

  you might only find on the isle of misfit toys

there I saw it showing that beauty can be found 

even here under the shell

of a human fail

there I saw it there

the giant snail.

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