Going to School

March 6, 2017

Wake up in the morning

Today I have to go to school

Gonna freshen myself up

Make myself look cool


Go downstairs and eat

some oatmeal and eggs

It tastes alright

but that pizza just begs


I hop in the car

I'm ready to go

Although its warm in here

Mom could you go slow?


I make it there

I feel my hair

It's still cold and wet

from my shower


Zero period weight training

As the period goes on

I can feel myself waning

My arms feel almost gone


As the day stretches on

I dream of going home

Once I finally arrive

I go straight to my dome


Strange word for room

too many to consume

Have no good homonyms

Better go readonyms


Now it's time to sleep

Its been a long day

As I began to creep

into my bed for the night

I think of the next day

and oh the ample fright

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