SoCal Perfection

March 6, 2017
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We walk the path
My excitement builds
I await the cool touch of the Pacific
I haven't felt it in years

We pass a group
golden skinned, perfect teenagers walk beside me
Fit in their swimsuits, beauty surpasses their wind tossed hair
I look down at my chubby pre-teen body
wrestling my shirt back from the wind

We bear the hot sand
Young, toned bodies lie in the sand
We reach the water’s edge
Next to a group of popular kids
I sit on my lawn chair and bury my thick feet into the sand
I brush off my glasses

They look and snicker
I sweat, uncomfortable
The sun punishes me for keeping my shirt
They are perfect beings
Tall, thin, rich
I close my eyes and try to sleep
Desperately trying to ignore their comments
My mind refuses to let it go

I scan the shoreline
A tall guy, possible high school or college
Perfect just like the others
His shirt comes off to reveal a round stomach and skinny arms
He puts sunscreen on his hairy chest
I couldn't help hold back my judgement
But he didn't care

I look at my pudgy stomach then at the blue horizon
The water calls me
Its waves pull me in
It wanted me back
That was the day I learned
The ocean doesn't judge

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