California State of Mind

March 6, 2017
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The salty air stung my eyes
The wind filled my hair with sand
It pulls at my shirt, revealing skin
The crashing waves scream my name

The hot sand burn the bottoms of my feet
But I refuse to wear my sandals
Crushed rocks and seashells pierce and punish me for treading
But I bear through the pain

The breeze is warm from the summer sun
But the wind is cold from the Pacific horizon
It is unforgiving and vengeful
It throws sand and steals towels

The water swirls with white foam
The green break is mashed under the indigo waves
The sand is lifted and fills the water with magic
It offers mystery under its surface

Huntington beach offers what Missouri can’t
It offers the warm embrace of sand
And the cold grip of sea
Although I'm a midwestern boy
California will always be me

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