Like Fall

March 6, 2017
By , Lakewood, CA

The colors of fall
I am free thinking, purposeful, and loving,
But I didn’t enter the world this way.
As long as I can remember,
America, Hungary, and Mexico
3 branches of a sturdy Maple Tree
Stuck amidst the clash of cultures,
this chasm between who I am and 
who I should be
grew destitute as I set foot into this life,
stripped from the conditioning I needed
from my parents

Sent to the land where I was born, but knew nothing about.
I grew to love myself and
the colors of DNA that created my being
Just like a moth attracted to light
I grew attracted towards anger and confusion
The emotions, just like the light were hard to resist.

I moved to a country known for its melting pot of culture.
I assimilated myself with the strangers like me.
We gave each other confidence,
We gave each other  meaning.
We start from the roots, pushing through the soft dirt
And together we make on tree
Different colored autumn leaves
Accenting one another.

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