March 6, 2017
By Eileen_Zamora BRONZE, Perris, California
Eileen_Zamora BRONZE, Perris, California
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Forgotten, all alone in the darkness
Never to be seen by anyone
Ignored by all
Matters to no one
Trying to figure out a way to be seen
To not be forgotten
To not be in  the shadows
Crying herself to sleep, but no one can hear her
Blasting music, the only thing that helps her get through life
She hates it all
Hates life for doing this to her
Hates everyone for forgetting her
But mostly hates herself for letting them get to her
For letting them forget her
But she now knows she can’t do anything to be seen
Just sitting there
In her room
Being forgotten by the whole universe
Screaming at herself because she thinks it’s going to maker her feel better
She thinks it will bring out the anger in her
So she sits there all alone in her room being forgotten

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