March 6, 2017

I walk along a


A familiar road.

The dirt is soft and free

between my toes.

I feel safe,

I feel at home.


I take a chance 

and change my path.

This road is harder

than the one before.

It's strange, but I don't

give into my fears.


The road hurts my feet

and want to turn back, but instead

I keep going forward.

I start to run,

but I don't know why.

I keep running.

As I'm running I see a 

red glow ahead of me.


I run and run until

I get close to the red glow.

I now stand infront of the

glow infront of me.

It's fire.

Burning fire.

The fire blocks my path.


I could turn back,

and go home.

But what would that make me?

What would they say?





I start running again.

Through the burnning blaze.

My feet hurt.

My legs tremble.

My knees ... buckle

and I fall.


I lay on the burning ground


I can't get up.

It hurts.

It's hurting me.

I don't know how to 

get back up.


'Don't give up!'

'Get up!'

'You can't stop now!'

'Keep going, Get up!'

yells a voice in my head.


I stand up and fall.

And again.

I keep standing 'til my 

legs can hold me again.

I walk slow,

then I run,

and I keep running.


I fall Once more, 

but I dont stop there.

I keep going.

I keep running.


And suddenly 

I'm out. 

There's no more fire.

My feet no longer hurt. 

I look around and 

I feel free.

I'm at home.


I'm in a garden that

is beautiful and free.

I'm home and I'm free.

I'm in a place of peace

with no more pain 

surrounding me.

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