March 6, 2017
By AmateurInkwell DIAMOND, Middleburgh, New York
AmateurInkwell DIAMOND, Middleburgh, New York
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Life is balancing
On the edge between life and death, outcome unknown.
Will we fight or will we simply be overthrown?
Are we able to get back up and not fall down?
Is this the end?

Why are we like this?
A blood and gore civil war fought in present day.
A thriving world crumbling into black dismay.
This once silky fabric of life begins to fray,
Not on the mend.

We are myriad of bad choices.
Can you hear the screaming of child voices?
The ones standing in the distance.
Human right being denied to the neediest
While being ruled by the seediest.
We are flying towards oblivion.

We have no idea.
We are all finite beings on this finite planet.
The right thing isn't hard to do, it is worth it.
Leaving the weak behind our souls become a pit.
Things are changing.

This must be fixed.
If we aren't different soon it's all over.
Let us give what we can to those who are so poor.
Everyday we can each do so much more for
Ones still fighting.

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