Seaman and His Band Of Brothers

March 6, 2017

A child was born.
Years later on the first day of school, pretended he was cool, he was made a fool.
10 years later he made his first friend, he got bullied, so he asked his friend to defend,
His friend chose to descend, leaving him behind.
A couple years later, he went to college, claiming that he had a boatload on knowledge.
He failed his first test and was beat by the rest, didn’t feel to sad, didn’t became depressed.
He wasn’t  as Sad and depressed  like a sunless stream.
He still worked hard, to fulfill a faraway dream.
4 years later, he worked for a law firm, had a boss that was very stern.
He lost his house by the bay, had no place at a friends house to stay, he’d lost his job, but he had so much to say.
He was living on the streets in a blink of an eye.
Had  many friends to say hi or goodbye.
He wasn’t as lonely as a deserted Island.
He was happily like a calm refreshing stream in Iceland.
He would observe people on the streets, seeing dysfunctional and unhappy people in fleets.
He saw sadness and madness  in people's faces when they walked on the concrete by him, not even willing to spare a couple dollars in change, people thinking that the poor man's clothes were too strange.
He saw people in pain, as they moved through the rain in vain. But the man feel gifted in a way he could say
He had the gift of Happiness, which was very instantaneous.

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